Methane Gas Reduction

foodlandfillchartLivestock as Methane Gas Reducers

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ranks landfills as the number one emitter of methane gas in the United States.  Methane gas is emitted during the anaerobic decomposition of organic material such as food waste. The EPA also states that methane is 23 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. The United States ranks 3rd behind China and India in total methane production. The sources of their methane come from coal and natural gas production while ours comes from the decomposition of food matter in our landfills. Not only are our livestock recycling food, they are playing a major role in the reduction of methane gas in our country.

Are we the ONLY ones on the planet concerned with livestock and methane gas?  No… but to us, livestock can be a much bigger part of the solution than the problem.


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