Livestock & the Environment

How our livestock are saving the environment.

Livestock at Galloping Grace Youth Ranch play a vital role in conserving our natural resources and improving the environment. Every year in America, we throw away over 35 million tons of food. Of all the material that enters landfills across our country, food constitutes the largest volume of waste.

foodblurbackWhat we see in the food recycling trends of today are based primarily on two possible post consumer food handling strategies. The first, is the very important process of recovering food so that it can become a nutrient source for under resourced, or hungry people in our communities. This, of course, should be the primary focus of any food recovery program. The second strategy, albeit a viable strategy, ranks next to last in the USDA’s food recovery hierarchy, composting.

What we see at Galloping Grace Youth Ranch is the exciting realization that this food, that would probably end up in landfills, can be recovered and fed to livestock.

Utilizing this food to produce more nutrients in the form of meat, eggs, milk, and even more produce, closes the nutrient gap for a food system that has become very wasteful.

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