Livestock as Educators

Our Livestock are Educators

In our country’s not so distant past, the ratio of farm and ranch raised children was considerably higher than what it is today. Over the years, the advancements of our technology and urbanization have made it unnecessary to grow our own food. When asked where their food comes from, the majority of our children would answer, “the grocery store.” As remarkable and convenient as the grocery store is, their answer is far from the truth.

At GGYR, we believe that the knowledge and hands on participation of raising livestock and cultivating crops are essential in the development of our country’s youth. As our vision states, “We are cultivating healthy children today, so they can harvest a healthy society tomorrow.”


Our livestock are rooted in the importance of all of our educational programs. Children are not just viewing these animals from afar, they are interacting with them in hands on situations. They learn the importance of providing the basic necessities of life for these animals. In turn, they learn the importance of how these animals are a critical component to human life.

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