Farm to Classroom

In our efforts to engage children in agriculture, we have initiated the development or our Farm To Classroom Program.  This program is a four tiered approach to educating kids within the schools to the wonders of farming and ranching and the importance of these practices to our community.


The first of these tiers is our classroom kits. These kits are designed to provide a long term, hands on tool for teachers to use in their classrooms as support for their educational curriculum.

The second tier, is our Mobile Farm and Ranch. This program is designed bring the farm and ranch to the schools for a day or a series of days. This will provide educators with the opportunity to engage their students in on site, educational, field trips.

The third tier is our Field Trip program. We will invite schools to make Galloping Grace one of their preferred field trip destinations.

And finally, the fourth of these tiers is the development of On Campus Farms. We are working with Rio Rancho Public Schools to develop a program in which GGYR installs and manages on campus farms that the schools can use as outdoor classrooms.


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