Howdy, Folks

My poor abandoned blog.


Seems like life and selling pumpkins has really thwarted (such a great word) my writing.  Well, that and lack of motivation.  We have been in our new house for almost a month and I still haven’t hooked up my computer.  Without that up and running, I cannot download pictures of the patch to share.  Vicious cycle, the procrastinating and lack of time drama.


Here is a little news in bullets:

  • We are doing well at our new location at the Star Center.  It was a scary move, but we’ve received great feedback.  Most people say it might be farther out, but it’s worth it.  “It’s so much bigger.”  “I feel like I’m out at a farm.”  “You’re worth the drive.”
  • Our volunteers are AMAZING!!  So many of our faithful and kicked in even more hours.  We are so very grateful.  Plus, we have many new dedicated helpers.  Just amazing.  Right now I am blogging because I know there will be people there to open for us this morning.
  • This Saturday we are going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record of “most people simultaneously carving a pumpkin”.  It’s fun to see the excited expressions when we let customers know about it.  PLEASE come out and help us make it a reality.  3 PM.  Also, kindly bring 127 of your closest friends to participate.  The current record is 965.  We can do this!  We’ll provide the pumpkins, we just need the carvers!
  • Yes, a meanie head set one of our giant hay bales on fire.  It was the squinty-eyed one on Unser just north of Northern.  Sad stuff.  Thank you to the RR Fire Department and the City of Rio Rancho for cleaning up the mess.  We should all probably pray for the person who did it.  :(
  • My hands are looking weathered.  My nose is unusually darker than the rest of my face.  All is normal for this time of year.
  • Our pedal carts have been a real pain in the rear.  Being that they cost $1K each, you’d think they’d be a little more durable.  Sigh.  Also, hoppy horses are having a very rough season.  Too many people pulling on their ears has really made them rebel.  All but one is adamantly refusing to hold any air.   Max has tried numerous times to reason with them to no avail.
  • Goats are having the time of their lives.  Like totally.  They most definitely LOVE the pumpkin patch.  This is when  the small humans thrust cups of delectable morsels at them.

Max just walked in the door from dropping off the kids.  He was hoping I’d be ready for a breakfast out on the town.  Instead, I am still in my jammies.  You know me, the faithful blogger. . .




Howdy, Folks — 4 Comments

  1. Lets just hope those pedal carts and tractors survive another week!
    Everyone is glad you both took a whole entire day off! I’m not saying you should do it all the time…but we survived. :)
    Perhaps you should consider taking your birthday off too!
    I pray for a smooth event, perfect weather, happy volunteers, and Tylenol! (and maybe a pair of roller skates!)

  2. Good morning.
    I was wondering if you know when the video of the pumpkin carving on Saturday will be ready to view? I was there with my kids & Granddaughter & would love to watch it.
    Thank you for your time,
    Debbie Romero

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