What is Galloping Grace Youth Ranch All About?

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Special Programs Director Opportunity

Would you like to guide children of all ages to learn, create, explore, and grow to be the best they can be? Are you passionate about hands-on learning opportunities and teamwork? If so, this is a great opportunity for you!

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Galloping Grace Youth Ranch is preparing to donate healthy protein portions for 3000 meals for hungry children and their families in our community.  You are invited to participate!

No worries... you won't have to get up when it's cold and dark, catch an escaped chicken, or listen to the goats and pigs complaining about the service and put up with their lousy tips.

Just help us replace the costs associated with this donation.  During march, we are raising $3000 earmarked for this purpose.  Every dollar completes a meal, and every meal makes a difference.

You can use the "DONATE" button above, or the "Donate Social" tab on our Facebook page.  THANK YOU!!!​

Click Here for the latest interview with Max Wade on Clear Channel Community Talk radio!

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